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Rose Flowers Colors

For as long as writers have been putting words on paper, they have been writing about roses. Roses have been used as symbols of love and war, birth and death, and many more concepts.

Fossil evidence indicates that roses have existed for some 35 million years in nature, and there are 150 species of the genus Rosa. Historians believe that cultivation of the rose began in China 5,000 years ago and then spread westward.

We know that roses were used in ancient celebrations and as a source for perfume by ancient civilizations. During the 17th century, roses were so valued that they were used as legal tender in some parts of the world.

Prized for the beauty of their blooms, their rich colors and their lovely scent, roses long have been a popular flower to give and to receive.

However, did you know that you convey certain messages just with the color of rose you choose? Roses are rich in symbolism. Here is a guide to the meanings of different rose colors.

Red Roses

As the most popular rose color, the color red reveals a message of love, respect, admiration or devotion.

In addition, a deep red rose can show heartfelt regret or sorrow. The number of red roses also has special meaning. A dozen red roses conveys, “I love you”

Pink Roses

The pink rose offers a message of gratitude and appreciation. The gentle color also reveals joy and admiration.

White Roses

White roses symbolize purity and innocence. They also can represent new beginnings, which is why they are a popular choice for weddings.

Their quiet, simple beauty also makes white roses a good choice for a bouquet of remembrance and honor.

Orange Roses

These fiery blooms convey energy and passion. They rival red in making an elegant and bold statement.

Lavender Roses

This lovely subtle color can convey a desire to be more than just friends. They also can serve as a reminder of devotion and respect. Dark shades convey a sense of royalty and splendor.

Yellow Roses

If you could describe yellow roses in one word, it would be with cheerful. As result, yellow roses convey friendship and warm feelings. A bouquet of yellow roses can mean “congratulations” or “welcome.”

Blue Roses

The rare blue rose offers a sense of mystery. It can give the message that you are thinking of someone special.

Green Roses

Green roses represent renewal and earthy qualities. They convey a message of cheerfulness and are a good choice in a “Get well” bouquet.

Peach Roses

A bouquet of peach roses shows deep appreciation. Give them to someone who has been especially thoughtful and kind.

Black Roses

Black roses are actually very dark red roses. Their black appearance conveys the message of the ending of a relationship or of death.

Assorted Roses

When you give someone a multi-color bouquet of colors, you can reveal that you have mixed emotions. Selecting two colors can convey a combination of two emotions. Red and white, for instance, can show deep devotion.

Numbers game

In addition to colors, the number of roses you send or display can convey special meaning.

A single rose shows thanks or devotion.

Two entwined roses can indicate a marriage proposal.

Six roses indicate a desire to be loved.

Eleven roses reveal deep devotion

Twelve red roses mean, “I love you.”

Thirteen roses are the sign of a secret admirer

Now that you know some of the traditions behind roses, you can enhance the gift of roses this holiday season — or any time of year — with special meaning.